2022 Booze Infused Flavor List

*Baked fresh to order*

For Special Orders, keep in mind that flavors are baked fresh in batches of a dozen. Minimum order is 1 dozen for regular size & 2 dozen for minis (however I may be able to accommodate 1 dozen based on my orders for the week).

Minimal order for delivery is 2 Dozen.
~A Delivery Fee May Apply~
~Menu and Prices are subject to change~


$32/dozen regular size $16/dozen mini size

Cinnamon spice cake infused with Fireball whiskey and topped with a brown sugar Fireball frosting.

Irish Car Bombs

$32/dozen regular size $16/dozen mini size

Chocolate Guinness cake with a whisky chocolate ganache center topped with a Baileys infused buttercream, & festive sprinkles.

Irish Cream

$32/dozen regular size $16/dozen mini size

Chocolate cake infused with Bailey’s Irish Cream topped with Bailey’s infused chocolate cream cheese frosting garnished with mini chocolate chips and festive sprinkles.


$32/dozen regular size $16/dozen mini size

Lime cake infused with Tequila and topped with a Tequila Lime buttercream.

Red Wine Chocolate

$32/dozen regular size $16/dozen mini size

Chocolate cake infused with Red Wine & topped with Chocolate Cherry Bailey's frosting and chocolate shavings.


$32/dozen regular size $16/dozen mini size

Vanilla cake with chopped chocolate covered expresso beans baked on top soaked in a Kahlua & Espresso syrup, topped with Kahlua cream cheese frosting, cocoa powder & chocolate shavings.